Extrusion of plastic

Nicholas Plastics de México, we have a comprehensive service, in which the customer can request wholesale manufacturing of the profile required, we manufacture custom plastic profiles, we have highly trained personnel, we perform all the development of your project, from the manufacture of the die and the manufacture of its plastic profile, we manufacture all types of profile according to your need in any material that you require.

We have an adequate infrastructure to carry out the process of extrusion and coextrusion either in rigid profiles, flexible profiles and profiles of one or two different materials, giving you the best service and the best prices, thus covering your needs in volumes, time and delivery.

We are open to new markets, to make make actual imported products, giving the customer a greater service, with better delivery times and prices. We collaborate in innovation projects. Nicholas Plastics can extrude any type of thermoplastic either rigid or flexible, our infrastructure and equipment gives us the ability to extrude any plastic profile in any presentation, any weight, dimension and diameter

For us the extrusion of plastics, coextrusions, triextrusions, both rigid and flexible with several thermoplastics is a process we dominate, we manufacture extruded plastic profiles for any application and sector you require, always adapting to the needs of our client, always advising and giving you the service and attention you requires.


Manufacture of Extrusion Dies

Nicholas Plastics de México, provides its clients with specialized advice, based on its design we carry out the development and manufacture of the extrusion die to manufacture the plastic profile in high volumes. We manufacture high quality tooling acording the technical specifications provided by our customers from simple tooling to tooling with a high complexity tooling.

We have an internal maintenance workshop and an external one which allows us to work in a more direct way and providing the tooling with preventive maintenance in order to obtain a better life cycle for your product, our Engineering and Maintenance department work hand in hand to any modification or change that the client requires in his tooling.